Tammy Baldwin: Buy America Reforms Support a Made in Wisconsin Economy

In Wisconsin, we have a long and proud tradition of making things. That’s what we do and we do it well. We possess one of the largest manufacturing sectors in the nation, supporting a large share of our workforce and exporting goods all over America and the world.

That is why I have focused my efforts in the U.S. Senate on strengthening our Made in Wisconsin manufacturing economy.

In Wisconsin, our work ethic is second to none and I believe that hard work should be respected and rewarded.

I strongly believe American workers should build our infrastructure with American products, and our taxpayers’ money should not be spent to support foreign workers.

That’s why I went to Fives Giddings & Lewis in Fond du Lac to introduce the Made in America Act, new legislation to strengthen Buy America requirements for the federal government in order to support American businesses, manufacturers and workers.

Today, the federal government spends billions of taxpayer dollars on infrastructure projects that are not subject to Buy America requirements. The result is American taxpayer money is being spent to buy foreign products and support workers in other countries. We need to change this and rewrite the rules so we are supporting American businesses and our workers here at home.

“It’s time for Washington to wake up and start delivering solutions. Buy America is the right direction for Wisconsin’s economy and I commend Senator Baldwin for her leadership on this issue.”

— Steve Thiry, President & CEO of Fives Giddings & Lewis

My legislation will strengthen Buy America requirements for the federal government so we are supporting Wisconsin manufacturers and workers. Republicans and Democrats should all agree that our nation’s infrastructure should be ‘Made in America.’ I’m hopeful my colleagues on both sides of the aisle will join me in this effort to make sure our government is buying American products and supporting American workers.

Senator Tammy Baldwin visits Wisconsin manufacturer Fives Giddings & Lewis, July 2018

The Made in America Act identifies federal programs that provide funding to infrastructure projects not currently subject to Buy American standards, ensures that materials used in these federal programs, including steel, iron and aluminum, are domestically produced, and requires the Department of Commerce to ensure that American jobs are created when it establishes ‘Made in America’ rules.

I have long championed Buy America, and will continue to work for reforms that put Wisconsin businesses, manufacturers and workers first.

Recently, I also introduced the Made in America Shipbuilding Act to strengthen Buy American requirements for the federal government’s purchase of ships because I believe that every vessel in the U.S. Navy should be made in America.

“The present government procurement processes allow for an increased dependence on foreign supply which is troubling to us as Americans and as manufacturers. Every government contract that creates a job for a foreign manufacturer and their many contractors takes one away from a potential American supplier — a trend that continues to decimate an already fragile U.S. manufacturing base. Senator Baldwin’s Made in America Shipbuilding Act is a great step in reversing this trend by ensuring that mission critical ship components are procured from domestic suppliers,”

— Frank Pierri, President of Appleton Marine, Inc.

If U.S. taxpayer dollars are used to purchase any type of vessel, the Made in America Shipbuilding Act requires that it is made in America by skilled American workers, uses domestically produced materials and includes critical shipboard components that are manufactured in the United States.

Wisconsin manufacturers and workers, like the men and women who work at Neenah Foundry, also help build our nation’s water infrastructure and they deserve a solid commitment from Washington that rewards their hard work. When we rebuild our infrastructure, we should use American products, rather than spend taxpayer funds on foreign products. My Made in America Water Infrastructure Act will ensure that we are rebuilding America’s crumbling drinking water infrastructure with American-made iron and steel and American labor.

Senator Tammy Baldwin visits Wisconsin’s Neenah Foundry, March 2017

This isn’t a partisan issue — Republicans and Democrats should all agree that when we rebuild our nation’s infrastructure we should use American products including, U.S. iron and steel. President Trump has often said that we need to “Buy American and Hire American” and last year in Kenosha, he even supported my Made in America Water Infrastructure Act saying, “I agree with her 100 percent.” I’m proud to have earned the President’s support for my Buy America reform and I worked to make sure it is included once again in bipartisan Senate water infrastructure legislation. I will continue to push for this long-term commitment to American workers because their hard work deserves a permanent Buy America standard.

Now is the time to get the job done for workers in Wisconsin and across this country.

Wisconsin workers and manufacturers need results, and I’m going to continue working to ensure that we are doing right by them by making sure that America is buying what Wisconsin makes.



United States Senator Tammy Baldwin. Proudly working for the State of Wisconsin.

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Tammy Baldwin

United States Senator Tammy Baldwin. Proudly working for the State of Wisconsin.